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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

When openers were first invented in 1926, they were considered a luxury. Today, they are perhaps the most important unit of every garage door since they allow the easy access into the garage.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are your ally to all garage door spring problems! We offer perfect spring repair

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

Need the best professionals for overhead garage door replacement and installation? Call us

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Garage door repairs by highly skilled pros

Do you need good tips for doing your do-it-yourself garage door repair? We have the best ideas about how to prevent accidents and solve problems and also great suggestions of how to transform your garage entrance.

Strictly follow manufacturer’s guide

At times, not following simple instructions from the manufacturer may cause further troubles. Therefore, it is very important to strictly follow all items as you see them in the manufacturer manual that comes with your garage door system. Doing so will also free you from certain problems that may come along with not following instructions appropriately.

Prevent ‘six second’ break in feature

You can use other devices to activate this capability in your garage doors. This can be done by using a zip tie, a product which is especially designed to prevent the six second break-in possibility. The experts at Garage Door Repair Houston suggest using products, such as no-entry latch guards which are easy to install and at the same time affordable for your use.

Discover your talents

If the panel is old, but still strong there are ways to refresh it as experts at Garage Door Repair Houston say. You can paint a nice picture.

Garage door problems are a hassle

They can create worse problems if they are not solved immediately. Any damages on the mechanism will jeopardize your life and compromise the protection of the house.

Did you check the sensors?

Don’t fix your son’s bike underneath open garage doors because you never know what happens. You must do garage door opener sensors maintenance because the slightest problem with the sensors can jeopardize your safety. You should check they are connected to the opener and are looking each other.

Do you love glass doors?

They are beautiful and unique. Don’t you just want to install glass garage doors all over the house? Glass garage door prices have been reduced and they will change completely the indoor environment. If you want to ensure your privacy, you should get milk glass.

Parental intervention in the garage

If you want to protect your children, don’t let them play inside the garage, around the garage door, or with the remote controls. In fact, you must keep the garage opener remote out of their reach and teach them the dangers of the mechanism.

Protect your family from accidents

There are rules when it comes to garage doors, if you want to feel safe. A broken garage door spring must never be left unattended and the sensors must be checked and replaced often because they can ensure the safety of family members and pets.

Prepare for garage door painting

Painting the garage doors is not hard, but preparing for the painting is time consuming and needs attention since it includes good cleaning of the doors, peeling off the old painting, and scrubbing off signs of rust or mold according to Garage Door Repair Houston.

Transform the garage area

Garage Door Repair Houston can give you excellent tips and advices if you want to transform your garage into an office because the condition of the garage door parts must be your first priority and concern. You can also choose glass doors for more light.

The importance of garage door maintenance

The technicians at Garage Door Repair Houston insist that maintenance services can prolong the life of the door because they are preventive against problems.

Protect your remote control

Most homeowners leave their remote controls inside the car, and they go out for shopping, or perhaps they go to their workplace. When this happens, chances are, burglars do not only have access to the inside of the car, but also to your home. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the remote control is well kept.

Don't let hardware get rusty

Most garage door hardware is made of steel and it gets rusty over the years. This will make the door noisy but rusty parts will also become unreliable. Think of what happens when bolts and nuts get rusty. They usually get stiff and will be difficult to adjust parts. Rusty garage door rollers won't slide properly and there will be a difficulty with the movement of the door. Rusty parts will need to be replaced and their replacement will cost you both in garage door repair parts and labor.

The secret is to prevent rust. Although erosion is not avoidable altogether since garage door parts are exposed to elements daily, you can still prolong their life with good treatments. Besides, some parts may last for over two decades if they are maintained properly. So, why should you get in the hassle of having garage door problems, which could be avoided! Our experts suggest good and semi-annual lubrication maintenance. When the parts are lubricated properly, they won't corrode – at least, not any time soon. To avoid such problems, you could also purchase parts made of stainless steel. They will surely be more resistant but it's good to remember that they will still need lubrication. Lubricants will protect the material from elements and facilitate the movement of the parts.

Check the springs in a safe way

Messing with garage door springs is definitely not recommended. Even if you want to check them, there is a small chance that they will snap and injure you. Who wants that? This is one of the basic reasons why extension garage door springs should have safety cables. These types of cables are ideal to keep springs from flying away once they are broken. On the other hand, springs ought to be examined often and unless their problem is obvious, you can do that in a simple way and without going through the risk of getting hurt.

The springs ought to hold the door in one place apart from lifting and lowering it and so you should try that by using the door manually. So, disconnect the door from the electric operator by pulling down the release cord. Raise the door midway and check if it stays in place or not. It might drift a bit but it should stay put. If it opens up or falls down, the springs are not leveled. They must be adjusted and, in some cases, they might need replacement. It's important to have the door closed when you release it from the electric opener in order to avoid accidents. If the springs are damaged, the door might fall on you.

Replace the weather strips before they're worn

The weather strips of your garage door are extremely important for both your security and insulation. They are placed all around the door in order to keep drafts out of the garage and the whole house. The weather strips actually seal the little gaps among the door and the jamb without obstructing the good operation of the system. Some doors wear retainers in which seals are placed and this is rather an easier method to replace them. In any case, seals must be replaced before they start getting worn. In fact, you should pay extra attention to the bottom seal because as our specialists say it will get worn faster.

The seals must close well the gaps around the door but the daily use as well as the weather conditions will wear them. Their quality and their good installation are also important determinants of their longevity. They must fit perfectly and adhere well in order for you to avoid their early replacement. When the bottom seal is worn, it won't only allow air drafts in but also facilitate the work of potential intruders, who could use tools in order to slide them under the door and lift it. The smallest gap under the door will also allow the entrance of rain, insects, dust and elements and your garage won't be a safe and clean place anymore.


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