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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

When openers were first invented in 1926, they were considered a luxury. Today, they are perhaps the most important unit of every garage door since they allow the easy access into the garage.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are your ally to all garage door spring problems! We offer perfect spring repair

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

Need the best professionals for overhead garage door replacement and installation? Call us

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The best residential/commercial garage door repair

Learn all about garage door features like the materials in use, brands and level of security in this list of most frequently asked questions. Do you know what to do before replacing the current door? Also learn how to protect your garage door and whether you should install windows or not.

What is the best material for waterfront homes?

There is high humidity in waterfront locations and that's why wood garage doors are not suitable since they are very sensitive. The experts at our company would suggest metal doors. Aluminum overhead doors do not rust and, thus, they are the best but some new steel ones are processed to resist elements and do not corrode easily. Glass garage doors are excellent, too, especially if you have a view of the ocean!

What should I know before buying a new garage door?

You should rethink about your personal requirements and future plans. Will you need a bigger garage door later? Do you need insulated garage doors? Be careful with the material and choose wood garage doors only if you don't mind maintaining them often and glass doors only if you are not in a hurricane prone area. Focus on the garage door spring type and the power of the opener.

Can I keep the old track when I replace my door?

It is highly recommended to replace the entire track upon door replacement. It is inexpensive, and at the same time provides the assurance that the warranty of the garage door remains valid. Unless you request for it, new installations of replacement doors generally include installation of new tracks that works best for your new garage door.

How can I protect my garage door from freezing cold?

First of all, it is good to complete garage door maintenance before winter arrives and you must also keep the surrounding area very clean because elements may block the good shutting of the door. When you maintain the door make sure garage door springs are lubricated with special lubricants, which can protect their flexibility in the cold days and also clean, paint (if you need to) and insulate the door panel.

What are the safety measures I should observe around the garage door?

Avoid letting any individual, children or adults, to play “beat the door” on the door of your garage because it is dangerous and may result in serious accidents including injuries. If you have kids, prevent them from playing with or using the remote controls or transmitters of your garage door. Also, it is best to store and place them out of the reach of your kids. In addition, the push button wall control should be installed high above the reach of your kids and away from all moving parts.

Will garage door windows installation compromise security?

It's perfectly understandable to wonder whether garage door windows will threaten your security but they actually do not unless they are broken. The truth is that windows make garage doors more beautiful and have the advantage of letting the sun in the garage. These days, you can get them in different shapes and sizes and manufacturers have also made some improvements in the materials. It's definitely best to choose safety glass panel, so that you can also feel safer should an accident happens. If you get double panels, the windows will be more resistant to breakage and it will also help if you'll get aluminum frame. Since wood warps, you will have fewer problems with aluminum in regard to its resistance to elements, too.

If you want to be certain about your security, our experts would recommend installing the windows at the upper part of the garage door. It's not accidental that most windows are found at the top side of the door. This way, strangers cannot easily see inside and it's more difficult to climb at the top of the panel than if the windows were at the bottom part. Another trick is to use milk glass, which won't allow anyone to look inside. Although big windows are beautiful, it's rather better to get small ones. Small sized windows that will not allow the entrance of a human body.

How often should I check the garage door?

Garage door maintenance is usually an annual or semi-annual obligation but it will depend on the current condition of the system. This won't only include the checking of the parts but also their lubrication maintenance, adjustments and repairs. The secret to keep the whole mechanism functional and free of problems is to check it more often. This way, you can prevent serious problems should some parts are damaged for any reason. The truth is that no one has the time to check garage door parts every week.

There's an easier solution. Since each component has a different life expectancy, you should follow this path. For example, garage door springs last for about 10,000 cycles but they're worn faster if they're not maintained properly. You know that they can be dangerous if they snap and their lifespan is much shorter than any other part. So, it's best to check springs more often. If they're new and well maintained, every two months will be fine. In any other case, you should check them monthly. You should follow the same logic with electric openers since the automatic operation of the door depends on them.

It's also critical to check the sensors often. Actually, they must be checked every week if possible since they're responsible for your safety. All other parts will be checked during maintenance unless there's a certain problem but these three components and especially the sensors must get all your attention.

What springs should I get for the garage door?

Garage door springs must be chosen based on the door's weight and dimensions. Usually single car garage doors of average weight and less than 10' wide would need extension garage door springs. Anything above that measurement and heavy doors would need a torsion spring. Some two car garage doors might also need two torsion springs installed and in this case it's best to get both at the same size. This way, they will have similar capacities and if one is worn, the other will still lift the door.

Be careful, though! Some people have rather small size doors but its weight is the most important thing when it comes to the right choice of springs. If the door is small in size but a wooden carriage door, you might need to get torsion springs. Our experts suggest that you should always keep in mind that the springs lift, lower, balance and keep the door open. So, they must be able to handle the movement of a heavy door.

Extension springs must be replaced in pairs. Since there's one installed in each side of the door and they counterbalance the panel, it's good to have equal power at both sides. If only one is replaced, the door will move unevenly and the burden of the door's weight will fall on the new spring. Remember: springs must not be repaired, adjusted or replaced by you for safety reasons. Should something is wrong, please call our professionals!

Why tracks must be clean and aligned?

Garage door tracks are very, very important to the good movement of the door, its stability and resistance to strong winds. The door moves thanks to the cooperation of all garage door parts but the actual panel is connected with the rollers, which sit in the tracks and move up and down in order to transfer the door to its full opening or closing position. Any obstructions in between will just make this movement impossible. You might find yourself in the situation that you can't get the car out because the door won't open at a sufficient height or it might not close well due to damaged garage door tracks.

Consequently, their condition is directly associated with your security and convenience. The garage door rollers might also find obstructions due to concentrated dirt inside the tracks. They won't be able to move, the door might be drifted up and down at a particular point and the electric garage door opener will suffer. The consequences will still be the same since the security of your house and your comfort will both be compromised.

Our experts insist that things will get worse if the tracks aren't aligned. This usually happens when the parts (brackets, nuts and bolts) keeping the tracks secured are loose. In this case, you must tighten them up after you have adjusted the tracks in accordance with the door. Such problems might damage the rollers and the panel, which probably will jam.

Should I buy insulated doors or insulate them later?

It's always best to get garage doors, which are insulated in the factory. This way, the insulation materials will be found in between panels and will be better aesthetically. Also, you'll get to choose the r-value of the insulation and you'll know whether the door is heavier and, therefore, if other changes must be made.

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