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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

When openers were first invented in 1926, they were considered a luxury. Today, they are perhaps the most important unit of every garage door since they allow the easy access into the garage.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are your ally to all garage door spring problems! We offer perfect spring repair

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

Need the best professionals for overhead garage door replacement and installation? Call us

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Garage Door Maintenance

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The purpose of Garage Door Maintenance is to keep systems strong, resistant and fully operational. For this reason, expert technicians are needed as much as good equipment and knowledge and you can trust that the staff of “Garage Door Repair in Houston” is well trained and meticulous. Using new age tools and great repair parts we also promise that the damaged components will be fixed and replaced at once. Our contractors are in this business for many years and offer both commercial and residential garage door repair services with efficiency.Garage Door Maintenance in Texas

The professionalism of our technicians guarantees safe and long-lasting mechanisms and is evident in the outcome of their work. You can see the difference of the operation status as soon as our job is completed and you can automatically forget about problems or the possibility of accidents. We are thorough garage door inspection specialists and we leave no stone unturned when examining your system. We focus on all parts, specific problems, bad movement of the door, misaligned components and every little detail that will make a difference to the way the mechanism works. We can make a difference! With meticulous work, troubleshooting and experience but also an elevated feeling of care we promise stable doors and safe systems.

Our expertise is the guarantee for excellent service

Despite of their similar characteristics, each garage system is different. There are different types of doors and systems and there are certainly variations among residential and commercial ones. Some are hardly used and some are installed for heavy duty use. Having serviced garage doors for so long we definitely know that apart from the number of cycles, garage systems are also affected by the weather, the quality of parts and lubricants, whether they are used properly and whether they bear the right size and appropriate parts. All these parameters will determine their condition along with the frequency of services. Some systems are older and some are new. In either case, some suffer tremendously and others hardly move. We follow the right procedures for all occasions! After all, we aim at delivering a well functional garage door that won't give you any problems or threaten your safety.

It is the policy of Garage Door Repair Houston to keep all crews well organized. At the same time, our company takes pride of its great technical infrastructure since the right kind of equipment play a great role in our job. All trucks are equipped fully and depending on the system of the client we bring along extra equipment and repair parts to ensure that each service will be carried out properly, at once and with the right tools. During maintenance, we may find that the cables are ready to break. In this case, we inform the customer and replace them immediately. The point is to leave your premises knowing that the maintenance service has been completed to the full satisfaction of the client and all parts work at their best. There is no point of coming back a few days later to replace the broken Genie sensors.

Actually, it is our duty to examine over and over again every part of your system and test their efficiency. At the end of the service, we open and close the door several times to see how the parts move, whether the door is well balanced, and opens and closes all the way. We check that there are no hidden problems, squeaky parts and any issues concerning the movement of the door. You can be sure that our contractors are fully trained and very dedicated professionals. We all do care about the clients, their safety and their needs! So, we don't leave things to chance! We are thorough and perform our inspections with scrutiny in order to discover the smallest problem and we won't finish our job till it is solved. In fact, inspecting the mechanism and examining the panel, its hinges and its movement are perhaps the most important parts of our service.

The good inspection of your openers will give us a good idea of their condition. We examine the motor, the chain, the wires, the release cord and the other accessories and surely concentrate and devote some time to the good examination of the sensors. Since they are the most important parts directly associated with your safety, it is our obligation to test them, check them and proceed with good garage door opener sensors maintenance. We will change the lights if they are not working, adjust them and when we complete our service, we'll recheck them to ensure that the door reverses should something keeps it from closing.

Good inspections will give us a clear idea of the condition of the whole mechanism and the efficiency of each part separately. Inspections are surely followed by electric garage door troubleshooting that will point out issues, serious problems and weaknesses of the system. Rest assured that our experience along with our knowledge and new age equipment plays a tremendously important role during this service. Thanks to our high accuracy tools we can spot the tiniest problem and thanks to our expertise we can fix it right away. That's why it is vital to carry with us repair parts. When some parts are seriously ruined or simply worn over time, it is our job to see if they are repaired or else replace them.

Having the proper replacement parts organized in our vans we guarantee that the problematic Liftmaster door opener will be replaced at once. As a matter of fact, we have good knowledge of all types of openers and certainly of all garage system brands. There is a dual benefit from that fact since we are not only cognizant professionals of the particularities of each brand name but also carry the best branded products should replacements are needed. We know how to fix Genie remote access control systems, how to program them and how to check Chamberlain openers. We actually follow their rapid progress in opener systems and adapt our training accordingly. This way, you can be sure of our knowledge to handle Clopay garage doors and problems of parts manufactured by any other industry.

We are surely aware of the needs of each garage door type. Although all types of doors have absolute need of good inspections, there are slightly different procedures when we are dealing with roll up and overhead Martin or Wayne Dalton garage doors. Every door type requires a different approach since there are tiny differences among system assemblies. In any case and regardless whether you have a rollup, sectional or sliding doors, our expertise is huge and extends to the needs of every system. This way, you can absolutely be sure that your door will be inspected properly by knowledgeable technicians and with the right equipment. The damaged parts will be replaced with the right ones and repairs will be completed properly.

When we find something seriously wrong with the customer's garage system, we immediately report it. We want you to be aware of the situation but we can definitely proceed immediately with the required service whether it will be the repair or replacement of the worn part. We don't waste time but repair natural wear and tear right away. With everyday use some bolts and nuts may get loose. Although this is an easy task, it is actually one of the most important ones since tightened brackets, hinges and nuts will ensure the stability of bigger components and of the whole mechanism. That's why we give special attention to these little fellows of your Chamberlain garage doors and make sure they are all tightened properly and rusty parts are replaced right away.

Naturally, we concentrate on the condition of the larger parts, too. It is obvious that apart from the electric opener, the springs, cables, rollers, tracks and the panel are all checked, too. We will make sure that the cables are strong and not loose, they are wrapped around the drum properly and the pulley fork is secured to the pulley, which keeps the extension springs in place. It is natural that we focus on the condition of springs. Since they are the most hazardous parts of each system and they are also hard to be repaired and replaced, we give our full attention to their dynamic. We ensure that the extension springs extend and retract perfectly, the torsion spring winds properly and the door remains steady in one place thanks to our good spring repair.

When all parts are checked and repaired as needed, we proceed with lubrication maintenance. We can assure our clients that the procedure might sound as an easy task but we are very thorough when we lubricate the parts. We start by cleaning them well from old lubricants, grime and concentrated dust and then spray the lubricants and make sure the parts are lubricated all the way, through and through, and properly. You can also be certain that we use the best quality lubricants on the market and test the movement of the door once we are done to ensure that all parts have been lubricated properly and the door moves without making noises.

When we check the door and its parts, we tend to examine whether they are all aligned properly. The door ought to be balanced and sit in the tracks and on the rollers properly. Of course, we are experts in garage door adjustment and never forget to check that all parts are also well adjusted. Otherwise, the door can be easily jammed and this will have repercussions to the security of the house but also to your safety. We make sure the door is balanced, the tracks are adjusted as well as the sensors. After all, when we repair one part, we automatically improve the condition of adjacent ones as well. For example, when we adjust, repair and ensure the extension springs, tighten the hinges of the panel, take care of the entire cable-pulley system and maintain both tracks and rollers, we know that the door will be balanced. Though, we still check and ensure it moves and closes with precision.

We certainly never underestimate the importance to check the panel, too. In fact, we give great attention to the condition of the material since wood might warp and steel materials may erode. Such problems will eventually forbid the good movement of the door and make the door weaker. So, we solve minor problems and take care of dents. We make sure the frames of the windows are in good condition and make the necessary repairs in order to ensure your property doesn't lose energy from small cracks. Of course, we give great attention to the condition of the weather strip at all parts around the door. We consider that the good insulation of your garage is important and subject not only to whether the door is insulated or not but also on the quality and condition of the weather seals. For this reason, we check and replace them if we have to in order to ensure that our customers have pleasant indoor environments and no insects or rodents visiting them through small gaps under the door. We are actually expert teams for panel repair and of such problems, which are directly associated with your security and insulation.

All teams of our business have great expertise in Garage Door Maintenance. We do understand the significance of our work and that's why we keep training, exploring the potential of adapting new methods, use new equipment and learn something new every day. Being knowledgeable is our asset! It is the key to ensure that the garage doors of our customers are in perfect condition and will last longer than expected but without having significant problems or costing our clients a fortune in repairs. We have our special ways of taking care of your garage door maintenance needs with great means, experience and charismatic professionals, who are properly trained, and have the required skills to deliver perfect systems. Call to make an appointment today!


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