Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

When openers were first invented in 1926, they were considered a luxury. Today, they are perhaps the most important unit of every garage door since they allow the easy access into the garage.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are your ally to all garage door spring problems! We offer perfect spring repair

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

Need the best professionals for overhead garage door replacement and installation? Call us

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Our Glossary

We take our garage door repair services seriously because they will determine the extent of your security in Texas. We never stop training or following new technologies to ensure that each service is completed with the highest efficiency and best methods.

Top repairs by experienced garage door experts.

Garage door springs
each garage door system is supported by at least one or two springs, which are tightly wound on the two sides of the door (extension springs) or above it (torsion spring). They are very important parts because they counterbalance the weight of the door in order to be lifted properly, stand still and lowered at the right pace. Their force could be dangerous if they are not handled carefully.

Garage door service
it is the work done on any garage door system. It would include every repair, installation or replacement that is carried out as well as maintenance. During this process the professional would inspect all parts of the garage door including the panel, make the right evaluations about their condition and proceed with the necessary repair or replacement. Professional companies offer same day services and 24/7 repairs for emergencies such as a broken spring.

Garage door tracks
these are the rails, which guide the garage door rollers. They are usually galvanized for protection from corrosion and they come out in different lengths and widths depending on the size and weight of the garage door. Standard tracks consist of vertical and curved sections and end up with horizontal tracks in order to complete the full movement of the door. Heavy industrial doors would need supplementary vertical tracks for spring assembly.

Garage door maintenance
this is considered a preventive garage door service. Regardless whether problems with the mechanism have emerged, the process of maintenance would include the inspection of the entire system, troubleshooting and detection of possible problems. These are preliminary actions, which would determine the possible need for garage door repairs and replacements. Its preventive character enables people to prevent serious damages and accidents from damaged parts by taking care of them at an early stage.

Lubrication maintenance
it is the process of lubricating the mechanical garage door parts. Lack of lubrication will result to friction and failure of proper operation. Lubricating the hinges, springs, cables, rollers and other parts will enable them to rotate or move efficiently without making squeaky noises or get damaged. It will also prolong their life span and keep them in good condition. Each part has specific requirements as for the right portion.

Glass garage doors
it is a reference to garage doors with glass panels. They usually come out with aluminum frames and they can be single or double layered. These days, manufacturers use safety glass for higher protection from accidents and glass can be tinted in various shades from milk to mirror glass. Glass panels can also be insulated for higher energy efficiency, and weather seal with retainer is recommended for increased protection against the elements.

Garage door repair
it is the process of fixing damaged garage door parts. From tightening a loose screw to fixing damaged garage door tracks, every single repair would make an actual difference to the operation of the garage door system. The repair of sensors might include the replacement of worn wires and loose cables would need tightening, too. Garage door repairs would include any action taken for the improvement of the door's operation.

Emergency garage door service
it is the garage door service offered by professional contractors for urgent problems. Since garage doors are important for home or industry security, any problem which would compromise their ability to provide proper protection must be taken care of immediately and, hence, most companies offer 24/7 garage door repairs. The most common problems would involve opener issues, snapped cable and springs, a door off track due to damaged tracks or cables.

Garage door panel
it is the actual door of the garage system. There are different types of doors and many materials. The most common types would be overhead, roll up and sectional garage doors and most usual materials would be steel, aluminum, wood and glass. They all have different requirements since some panels would require space to open and some materials would demand more frequent maintenance. Sectional panels can be replaced independently without demanding full panel replacement.

it is the indicator of energy efficiency. It is actually the term used in the construction business when measuring the thermal resistance of materials. It gives evidence of the efficiency of the insulation materials in terms of the temperature fluctuations and, thus, it is necessary to be taken into consideration along with the weather conditions of each location. Garage doors can be insulated accordingly. The higher the r-value, the higher the insulation efficiency.

Garage door rollers
the rollers move along the tracks in order to complete full movement of the door. They come out in different sizes and materials and the choice should be based on the weight of the door, how long you would expect them to last and how resistant you require them to be. Stainless steel is recommended for high moisture resistance. Greater quality would make them less noisy and they would also need lubrication.

Garage door hinge
there are plenty of garage door hinges in each system and there are different ones used by each manufacturer. Although the differences are not tremendous it is important to measure the hinge from the bottom to the middle of the top circle or find the number of the product in times you need to replace them. They are considered the smallest parts of the garage door system along the screws but equally important for its stability.

Garage door repair parts
these are the garage door parts used when the existing ones have been seriously damaged or have completed their life cycle and must be replaced. All major garage door manufacturers produce repair parts and they also upgrade each model with improved ones, which would still be compatible with garage doors of previous technologies. Each part bears a specific code and number, so that consumers would find the replacement part easily by the manufacturer.

Garage door parts
it is the general reference for all parts of the garage door. Most of them are mechanical, that is if opener systems, which would include the drive motor, the remote control and the sensors, are excluded. There are actually over three hundred parts in standard garage door systems and they are all considered extremely important since a single screw could disposition a hinge and in turn cables may get loose.

Garage door opener
it is the electric unit, which is activated by remote controls, wall switch or keypads. Every opener works with different horsepower and its selection would depend on the weight of the door. Average garage doors would require ½ power and most residences would use chain drive motors. There are also screw and belt drive openers, which are more silent. Today, openers embody a reverse mechanism and can come out with plenty more safety sensors.

Garage door sensors
they are part of the opener system and, thus, electric devices that actually control the operation of the door when they are sensing trouble. Since 1993 the reverse mechanism is obligatory for all garage doors since the sensors can detect obstacles under the closing door and reverse the movement. Since then other safety sensors have introduced including timers for automatic closing of the panel or sensors detecting CO and smoke.

Garage door replacement
it is the actual process of replacing parts of the garage door. The term is usually used for the replacement of the door itself but in a broader sense it would include the replacement of any mechanical or electric part of the system. Panels can be replaced fully or in sections. Garage door parts are usually replaced because their life cycle is over or due to serious damages.

Garage door company
it is the professional contractor which usually is qualified to proceed with garage door repairs. The company is usually composed by different departments and each department is made of technicians specializing in different garage door parts repairs. Each company is equipped with the appropriate tools for each repair, installation and replacement and has full knowledge of the right procedures to keep each garage door system stable through the proper services.

Bottom seal
it is part of the weather strip installed on all sides of each garage door for higher protection against elements. It is the section placed at the bottom part of the door and it is of high importance because it won't only keep elements out but it will contribute to the efficient closing of the door and won't leave gaps. It is extremely important for both insulation and security.

Garage door safety cables
they are alike with regular cables, which are used to lift the door. These ones are installed to protect people from snapped garage door springs. They don't weigh much and are usually attached to the nearby wall or tracks and are connected to the same support as springs. They are supplementary parts, which are basically recommended for safety purposes only. They will actually hold the spring from breaking in a windy day.


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